D.I.Y. Jewelry Dishes


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Handmade Jewelry Dishes with jewelry finds from Ethiopia, Greece, and Turkey.


I have fallen in love with earrings, this obsession started during my service in Ethiopia. The more bohemian handmade looking, the better. I decided I needed to create lovely dishes in order to keep them organized and not crowded amongst each other.

I created these dishes using DAS air drying modeling clay (Italian Made), acrylic and metallic paints, a rolling pin, a plastic knife, and fine grain sandpaper. The clay can be sanded, carved or drilled. So don’t be afraid imperfections during the making of the dishes.

Modeling the Clay: a rolling pin is very helpful in getting a nice flat surface to work with. Add water in moderation by wetting your hands when you feel the clay is feeling a bit dry. Once I got a nice flat surface I used an unserrated plastic knife to cut out the shape and hand worked the sides up. Don’t worry about wrinkling or imperfections, you can sand them out later. Place the piece/s in a dry area on some news paper and let dry for a couple of days. I flipped my pieces over and let the other side dry thoroughly. I would recommend a using a medium grain sandpaper and then a fine to get a nice smooth surface. Fine grain is really just meant to smooth everything out and it takes effort if you are trying to get rid of wrinkles in the clay. Brush the dish off after because some particles can fill cracks or pores and when your painting, they will appear.

Finishing: after painting the dishes I used an Acrylic Varnish High Gloss in order to protect the hand painted designs. Varnish one side and let dry for a day, it gets less tacky once it has cured. I placed down plastic stretch wrap where I let them dry so they wouldn’t stick to anything or get stuck.

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Solar System Jewelry Dish, Who doesn’t love our universe, right?


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Blue Whale Jewelry Dish, Save our Oceans.

Don’t hinder to ask any questions and please share your designs if you make some personalized dishes.



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